10 Helpful Insights: Mom Spent My College Loan Money. What Do I Do?

When one person trusted their mom with a loan, then regretted it months later when she refused to pay them back.

Devon is terrified they can’t pay rent anymore and asked a popular internet forum for advice on what to do next. Here are the top responses.

Get Dad Involved

Most commenters agree that the best option is for Devon to contact their father. “to me, drama sounds better than being kicked out of your apartment,” one user wrote.

Mom Caused the Drama, Not Devon

While Devon may feel guilty about getting their dad involved because of a fear of causing drama, one user pointed out that Devon isn’t the one causing it.

Talk to the University

Because Devon is facing potential homelessness while at university, some users suggested they talk to their school about their options.

Meet With a Social Worker

They also help adults with social problems and can help you find housing, assistance programs, and other benefits.

Keep Mom Out of Your Finances

One user suggested Devon cut off their mum from any financial connections in the future to avoid her stealing their money again.

Stand Up to Mom

Another option people suggested was for Devon to sue their mom. By taking her to small claims court, she would be legally obligated to pay back the money she took from Devon.

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