How to Budget Money 101 (You Know You Need To)

Budgeting. The nine-letter word in personal finance either excites you or conjures up images of torture.

Regardless of whether you’re excited, terrified, or lost somewhere in between, there’s something we can all agree on here. It’s that budgeting exists for one simple reason—because it works.

If you’re here, mainly because you’re not sure how to budget money, and you’re looking to understand budgeting in more detail, then pat yourself on the back because you’re absolutely in the right place.

After reading this you’ll have a better understanding of how to budget money easily so that you can spend less, save more for your goals with sinking funds, and continue improving your money habits along the way! Ready? Let’s get to it!

What is a budget, seriously? 

Budgeting provides you with an overview of exactly how much money you’re making, how much money you’re spending, and how much money you’re saving over a specific period of time.

In short… Yes, Your budget can and should help you identify where you’re spending too much of your hard-earned money. But, at the same time, it can also help you identify how you can better put your money to work for you.

Do I seriously need a budget, and why? 

It’s important to keep this in mind; A good budget provides as much detailed and accurate information as possible regarding your spending habits and income.

You must remain consistent and stick things through so that you can continue to improve the relationship you have with your money now and well into your financial future.

How to Budget Money: Make It Happen

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