Money Isn’t Everything! These Values Matter

Without money to pay our bills or invest, we may fall short of achieving our life’s goals and having financial security, independence, and freedom.

Money isn’t everything. It has its limitations. Obsession over money and wealth is unhealthy, mainly when it controls your life.

1. Time Is A Precious Resource

Time is money, but it is so much more. If there is inequality in money and wealth, we have the same limited time. You can’t borrow or lend time at any cost.

2. Manage Your Energy Wisely

Somewhat related to time is how we manage our energy. Energy affects our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

3. Your Health Is Our Vital Asset

We can’t take our health–physical, mental, and emotional-for granted. Yet, we often do this by not taking as good care of our body and mind as we can.

4. Family,  Friends, And Community

We need our family and friends for their love, affection, companionship, and to validate us.

5. The Right Life Partner

Choosing the right partner you want to spend your life. Only after years together can you look back and say you are fortunate to find someone to be with.

6. The Virtues of Work

The virtues of working are plentiful. Work adds meaningful dimensions to your life besides compensation.

7. Love of Learning Keep your brain healthy by find activities you enjoy and challenge yourself. There are so many resources and ways to learn.