10 Soul-Crushing Movie Death Scenes That Will Haunt You Forever

Death is a common theme in movies, and some movie death scenes can be so impactful that they stay with the audience forever.

In a recent discussion, people shared movie death scenes that they say  will haunt them forever. Here are some of the most memorable ones.

The death of Mufasa, Simba’s father, is one of the most traumatic scenes in Disney’s history.

Mufasa’s Death in “The Lion King”

The death of a child is always difficult to watch, and Gage’s death in “Pet Sematary” is no exception.

Gage’s death in “Pet Sematary”

“The Iron Giant” is a beloved animated film, and the titular character’s  death is a scene that many viewers say still haunts them.

The Death of the Iron Giant in “The Iron Giant”

The chest-burster scene in “Alien” is one of movie history’s most iconic death scenes.

The Chestburster Scene in “Alien”

“Wash” Washburne, the beloved pilot in “Serenity,” meets a tragic end in the movie’s climax.

Wash’s Death in “Serenity”

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