6 Countries We Can’t Stop Visiting Again and Again 

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Some destinations lure travelers repeatedly; that’s a sign that a country is doing something right! Recently, men and women met in an online discussion to reveal the countries they can’t help but visit repeatedly.

Countries We Can’t Stop Visiting Again and Again

Costa Rica is the runaway leader for the place that most travelers confess they would visit repeatedly. “The people are lovely, the land is so gorgeous, and the scenery varies greatly depending on which area of the country you’re in,” reveals one woman.

1. Costa Rica

After all, what’s not to love about it? There is a calming vibe about Italy that makes any visit memorable. Hearing Italian spoken everywhere transports you into a different world; even the airports seem magical!

2. Italy

According to countless people, China is an underrated country to visit. From its residents’ slow, simple way of life to its friendly culture and delicious food, visiting China is an ideal way to experience a new country without breaking the bank!

3. China

You can drop an average American into any large city in Croatia, and they wouldn’t feel out of place. As a result, countless travelers confess that Croatia’s welcoming vibe and familiar culture make it an easy “must-visit” country

4. Croatia

Besides the history and beautiful landscapes, there’s one reason people visit Vietnam: The local cuisine! Judging by countless rave reviews about authentic Vietnamese food, it’s unsurprising that Vietnam is so popular among tourists.

5. Vietnam

Aside from the country’s heritage and exceedingly welcoming population to foreign travelers, Portugal has one significant advantage over other European countries that tends to lure people to visit: It’s the closest country in continental Europe to the east coast of the United States!

6. Portugal

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