Overcome The Challenges Of Being A Woman Breadwinner

Men are still the predominant breadwinners, though, in recent years, more women are earning the mantle in their families. Women breadwinners are more commonplace. Nowadays, they are more likely to have more education, a career and make more than men.

Let’s face reality. Women carry more burdens than their male counterparts. They face more trade-offs than men, even when they may be the higher paid dual earners in their household.

We should be celebrating women as breadwinners. They should be proud of their accomplishments worthy of celebration, rather than facing conflict at the home, in their workplace, and in society.

1. Share Household Chores

When there are dual earners in the household, sharing responsibilities should be the norm. Even if they are breadwinners, women are looked upon to take the lead in housework and caregiving. It is a gender norm ripe for change.

Honest communication is essential in a marriage. Conversations about finances, goals, careers, having children, or other crucial areas should begin when your relationship moves to a serious nature.

2. Honest Communications

 Understand what your expectations are of each other. You both deserve to know more about each other’s life plans. You and your significant other must communicate your individual and joint goals.

Women typically seek jobs with flexibility, have to work part-time or shorter work hours compared to men. Remote working may be an excellent option with greater flexibility and increased employer support during the pandemic.

3. Remote Working

4. Have Your Own Financial Accounts

Whether women are the primary earner in their homes or not, they should have their own financial accounts. Married couples tend to have joint accounts and that makes sense to pay joint expenses.

However, financial independence is essential for women. Women should be saving for their own retirement, investing, and have their own financial accounts.

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