4 Relaxing and Luxurious Ideas for Your Next Staycation

A staycation, or holistay, is nothing more or less than a relaxing and rejuvenating period of time off at home. It is a fantastic way to celebrate life with friends and family while reducing some of the stress of travel.

There is no one “right way” to do a staycation. Just as a traditional travel vacation can be relaxing or adventurous, domestic or international, tightly scheduled or free-flowing, each staycation is unique, too.

Here are a few common ways to structure a staycation so you can think of how best to set up your next local adventure.

1. The Great Indoors

Let’s start with what you might call the “classic” staycation. The simplest way to enjoy your stay is a free-flowing, low-commitment week off around the house.

A period like this could include movie marathons, a bit of intentional couch-potato time, games and activities with the family, and just about anything you might think of that you usually struggle to find time for during work and school times.

A few different things drive us to take time off school and work to travel. Sometimes, we need a little time away from it all to rest and recharge, then jump back in.

2. To-do List Tourism

If you’re looking for a staycation without too much “stay,“ you could also consider a bit of hyper-local travel. One fun thing about a vacation to a new place is all the opportunities to see and do new things.

3. Local Getaway

4. Hybrid Approach

One of the most fantastic things about this type of time off is that most of these things require little to no planning or commitment. That means you can mix and match, try different things on different days.

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