Remote Working As The New Norm: Advantages and Disadvantages

Remote work is not for everyone, as recent surveys imply. For organizations with new working-from-home arrangements, there was more of a learning curve. Companies shifted their employees to work from home with virtual tools for the first time.

Working from home is far more geared for specific careers requiring higher education, city dwellers, and higher-income brackets. Remote working doesn’t work for everyone, even for employees in suitable jobs where working from home is more common.


Flexibility Alternative work arrangements are valued as long as employees have reliable internet connections. As reported in this survey, the ability to have a more flexible schedule is the most significant benefit, according to 32% of people who regularly work remotely.

Better Work/Life Balance For many, remote working provides a better work/life balance. By avoiding a potentially long and irritating commute to work, you can start your day earlier. You can work at your own pace, provided it coincides with the job’s priorities.

Many employees report increased productivity working from home. Those traits transfer to wherever as long as you have self-discipline and are organized. Distractions at the office occur beyond the water cooler.

Increased Productivity


Starting your first job out of college, starting a career, or an internship is often a challenge. Thrown into a new environment with new people, management, and new systems, it takes time to learn who are your colleagues, boss, and priorities.

Remote Work Doesn’t Work For New Hires Without Some Training.

Employees, not just new hires, have expressed feelings of isolation when working at home. There are fewer chances for employees to be engaged or socialize with others when working from home.

Feeling Isolated

While a work-life balance is usually an advantage of working from home, some find it difficult to separate your career and personal life.

Difficult To Unplug From Work

The rapid move to remote working for many organizations happened quickly due to the pandemic. Working from home was already a growing trend and, for many, a desirable perk. There are many advantages of working remotely, but it is not for everyone.

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