Resolve Your Debt in Collections (For Real This Time)

Has it gotten to the point where debt is in collections now? If you’re overwhelmed with your options and don’t know who to trust for affordable solutions, you’re not alone.

These unpaid bills negatively impact credit reports and scores, making it harder to get mortgages, car loans, credit cards, and possibly an apartment or job. You can resolve your debt in collections.

What to do About Your Debt? For many, debt settlement is considered the solution of last resort. Unfortunately, debt settlement can be expensive because companies often charge a high percentage of the total debt as part of the solution.

Resolve was founded by Alex Mooradian and debt expert Michael Bovee in 2017, with empowerment as its founding principal. They provide an affordable and effective alternative with a holistic approach to help people, not solely profit from them.

This holistic approach to each person’s financial situation allows Resolve to provide effective and multiple solutions across different types of debt. So whether they reduce interest rates, handle growing debt levels, or settle a debt, you can find solutions to various debt challenges with one company.

How Resolve Is Different?

Resolve will help you settle your debt if that is your best option, but they will prioritize your debt needs and work with you to provide the best choices for your specific situation.

Resolve is a membership program, and users pay a monthly subscription fee and elective “tips” when the company delivers results.

Resolve’s debt experts will work with you based on your needs, such as: – Contact creditors to refund fees. – Defer monthly payments. – Reduce interest rates. – Stop collection calls. – Secure debt forgiveness.

How Does Resolve’s App Work? Resolve’s feature-rich app for members is broken into three primary areas: : – Creditor Offers – The Resolve Budget – Credit Status

For those who are debt-laden and need a solution, Resolve may be an excellent alternative to traditional debt settlement or debt management companies that provide limited options.

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