Resolve Your Debt in Collections (For Real This Time)

Has it gotten to the point where debt is in collections now? If you’re overwhelmed with your options and don’t know who to trust for affordable solutions, you’re not alone.

What to do About Your Debt? People are often overwhelmed by the sheer number of “get-out-of-debt” options out there, and there is no shortage of horror stories from those who sought help, only to find themselves deeper in the hole some weeks or months later.

For many, debt settlement is considered the solution of last resort. Unfortunately, debt settlement can be expensive because companies often charge a high percentage of the total debt as part of the solution.

What Is Resolve? Resolve was founded by Alex Mooradian and debt expert Michael Bovee in 2017, with empowerment as its founding principal. They provide an affordable and effective alternative with a holistic approach to help people, not solely profit from them. The company is on a mission to provide people with flexible solutions while improving their overall money management skills to build better financial habits.

This holistic approach to each person’s financial situation allows Resolve to provide effective and multiple solutions across different types of debt. So whether they reduce interest rates, handle growing debt levels, or settle a debt, you can find solutions to various debt challenges with one company.

How Does Resolve’s App Work?

Creditor Offers

When appropriate, Resolve serves as an intermediary between people and their creditors, helping to negotiate a reduction in the amount owed. Resolve starts the process by organizing members’ debt and answering any debt-related questions.

The Resolve Budget

At the same time, your debt expert is working on offers from creditors; Resolve’s helpful budget tool can help track your spending and provide insights into your day-to-day purchase decisions. The monthly bills tracker allows you to connect accounts to monitor recurring bills and ensure none go unpaid.

Credit Status

Members can stay on top of their credit, their debt, pay down status, and the factors that may impact their credit score. Resolve will show you your credit score, total debt balances across categories (mortgage, auto, credit cards, etc.), as well as the details of each particular debt.

How Resolve Differs From Traditional Debt Settlement:

Like traditional debt settlement companies, Resolve helps consumers negotiate lower balances and payments with creditors. But that’s where the similarities end. Whereas traditional debt settlement companies charge consumers around 25% of the total balance of all their debts (which often amounts to thousands or tens of thousands of dollars), Resolve does not.

For those who are debt-laden and need a solution, Resolve may be an excellent alternative to traditional debt settlement or debt management companies that provide limited options.