6 Things Rich People Have Completely Ruined For Us


As we become more connected, we can feel the influence of wealth and privilege everywhere. They impact many things we love to do. By having more significant financial resources, the wealthy can pay more and drive up prices for things they want, ruining it for the rest of us.

Things Rich People Have Completely Ruined For Us

Many hobbyists are collectors who enjoy niches like old video games, vinyl records, classic cars, comic books, electric trains, baseball cards, movie posters, vintage glass, and china. They buy and sell their wares with similarly situated people they’ve known in the trade.

Collecting Things

For many travelers, Airbnb has been an affordable vacation place for a few nights at about $100 per night and below hotel prices. Renting out your home to Airbnb was a side gig for many families to generate extra income.


The glory of climbing  Mount Everest has grown in substantial proportions for the rich who have the desire to have bragging rights to their friends.

Mount Everest

Once used for its utility for those who worked with their hands, pickup trucks have become the ultimate status symbol for well-off people.  However, they use their trucks to do or go anywhere. One person said, “They have driven the price out of sight with options that a working man doesn’t need or want.

Vintage Cars and Pickup Trucks

Second-hand clothes from the 1970s and 1980s are more in demand, along with the rise of thrift shopping, which has exploded through the years. Clothing from earlier eras tends to last longer than today’s clothing.

Vintage Clothing

Many people shopped for specific food items that were cheaper, using monkfish, cheap cuts of meat like brisket or pork, and inexpensive ingredients but made great meals.

Cheap Food and Ingredients

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