Richest Self-Made Women in America

After several decades of major strides in the American workforce, the number of women in positions of leadership or running their own companies has exploded. There are more self-made women millionaires and billionaires today than ever before, despite an uncontrolled gender wage gap that in 2022 is $0.82 for every $1 a man makes.

“Self-made” in this context means wealth that was not inherited. It doesn’t take into account whether inherited wealth or privilege helped in the creation of independent wealth. Please note: The data source presumed a binary gender classification. The people on this list use the personal pronouns she/her, as of June 2022.


– Global rank: #116 – Wealth: $1 billion – Main Company: Fenty Beauty – Main industry: Personal Care

Robyn Rihanna Fenty may be a global pop superstar, but the real origins of her wealth come from her beauty company. Fenty Beauty was launched in 2017 and quickly catapulted Rihanna’s net worth into another stratosphere. The company is known for creating shades for a wider range of skin tones than other beauty companies offer.

– Global rank: #107 – Wealth: $1.1 billion – Main Company: VeSync – Main industry: Consumer Goods

Yang Lin is the founder, chairperson, and CEO of VeSync Co., a small appliance manufacturer. The company is ranked third in U.S. retail sales generated through the behemoth retailer Amazon.

– Global rank: #79 – Wealth: $1.6 billion – Main Company: Cloudflare – Main industry: Cyber Security

Michelle Zatlyn

Prior to being the co-founder and COO of cybersecurity firm Cloudflare, Michelle Zatlyn held leadership positions at Google and Toshiba and launched two successful startups. She received an MBA from Harvard Business School and was awarded the Dubliner Prize for Entrepreneurship.

– Global rank: #65 – Wealth: $2 billion – Main Company: SKKN – Main industry: Personal Care

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian became a household name thanks to her family’s hit TV series, “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” But the reality TV star made her real fortune branching out into personal care products. The superstar’s SKKN beauty line—formerly known as KKW—was prompted by Kardashian’s self-described desire to give people at-home access to dermatologist-quality skincare without a doctor’s office visit.

Oprah Winfrey

– Global rank: #37 – Wealth: $2.8 billion – Main Company: Oprah Winfrey Network – Main industry: Entertainment

Oprah Winfrey’s eponymous “The Oprah Winfrey Show” made her a household name from 1986 until its final episode in 2011. She went on to found her own TV network, which is where she derives the majority of her wealth today.

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