She Told Her Sister-in-Law That She Didn’t Actually Want to Be In Her Wedding

A Reddit user shared her story of telling her soon-to-be sister-in-law that she didn’t actually want to be in her wedding.

The original poster (OP) explained that her brother is getting married in May, and they haven’t been close for a while.

Estranged Siblings

OP moved to a state over 13 years ago, and her brother has never visited  or met her husband. She occasionally sees him when she visits her  grandmother.

Estranged Siblings

OP has met his fiancee a couple of times and said she is fine but that they have very different lives and priorities.

Estranged Siblings

She said that her brother’s fiancee is very high maintenance and is  obsessed with having her “dream wedding” and being a princess.

Estranged Siblings

OP then got pregnant, and her SIL told her that the bridesmaid’s dresses  she had picked out probably wouldn’t be comfortable for OP, so she  didn’t have to be in the bridal party anymore.

She said OP could be an “honorary bridesmaid,”  and she could still help  with the wedding and showers and the bachelorette party.

OP cut her off and said, “Look. Honestly, I really didn’t want to be in  the wedding in the first place, so I’m actually relieved I don’t have to  deal with it anymore.”

What OP said made her SIL cry, and her brother called her angry, saying  if OP didn’t apologize, she would not be invited to the wedding.

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