Should Bride’s Sister Walk Her Down The Aisle

Traditionally, the bride is walked down the aisle by her Dad or parents. However, the original poster (OP) is not from a traditional upbringing. Her older half-sister raised her. She never met her dad; their mom OD’d when she was 10, and her sister was 19. Her sister’s dad was still in her life and was willing to support her, but not the OP.

When she got engaged, the OP told her sister that besides being her maid of honor (MOH), she also wanted her to be the one to walk her down the aisle. All her life, her sister fulfilled many roles for her — big sister, mother, father, and friend

Bride’s Sister Walk Her Down The Aisle Against Objections From Her Fiancé

She and her sister were ecstatic, but he objected when OP brought it up with her fiancé. He said her sister could be the MOH, but it wasn’t appropriate for her to walk the OP down the aisle since a man usually does it, and his father can fulfill the role since she doesn’t have male relatives.

Also, the OP explained that her future in-laws are very traditional, and he expected that his wedding would be a conventional white one.

OP told him that she appreciated his father’s willingness to fill that role but that the one she wanted was her sister, so she should be the one to give her away. An argument ensued, spreading to her future in-laws, with his mom acknowledging her sister’s importance to her, but it’s also her fiance’s wedding, and she shouldn’t be putting my sister before him on his day.

Her sister said she didn’t mind being the MOH and didn’t want to turn my happy day into something stressful. OP doesn’t want to concede to her fiancé or parents.

One Redditor suggested that her father-in-law walk the groom down the aisle and stay with him at the front of the church while the sister walked the OP down the aisle. When everyone is up at the front, his father and her sister can place the bride’s right hand into the groom’s left hand, signifying a new union.

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