Simple, affordable date suggestions that you'll enjoy

Dating can be expensive, especially in our inflationary environment. The average date cost in the US was $97.68, much higher in California, New York, and other parts of the country.

There is an urgency to please your partner when you are in the early stages of your relationship. With creativity, you can have the best first date without having to spend a lot of money.

We have some cheap date ideas that are less costly but more valuable. You don’t have to go to four and five-star restaurants to impress your friends. You can find ways to save more money despite high inflation.

55 Cheap Date Ideas

1. Gaze at the beautiful views from the hotel rooftops. 2. Walk to a museum that interests you. 3. Introduce your partner to your favorite places growing up in your town.

4. Are you a LEGO lover? Engage your date with your building block of choice. 5. For a date night at home, entertain yourselves with 1000-piece puzzles. 6. Plan a game night and play board games.

7. Take a ride to a harvest fair or festival. 8. Take an air balloon ride. 9. Eat an unusual cuisine by finding a new food truck. 10. Find a beautiful library where you can whisper.

11. Try out a tram or trolley and enjoy the sights. 12. Go to a driving range and practice hitting balls 13. Take a scenic drive somewhere you haven’t been and discover the town.

14. Get a Fall foliage map, and go leaf-peeping nearby. 15. Bake cupcakes or a pie of your liking. 16. Use your culinary skills and cook a meal. 18. Shop for groceries together, and see who’s more frugal.

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