6 Tips For Eating More Mindfully

Our meals are just as rushed as the rest of our life, which ultimately causes distress to our bodies.

Thistle compiled six tips for eating more mindfully from various experts and news sources to start your own mindful eating practice.

Mindful eating is a practice that helps minimize the constant stream of responsibilities we deal with day-to-day while we eat.

Start with a small portion

Thankfully, many associations provide methods for consumers to follow that allow for easier portion control. Precision Nutrition offers an easy guide to properly portioning your food by measuring with your hand.

Experts suggest chewing each bite 30 times to really savor it, and to put your fork down in between bites to elongate your mealtime. You can go for seconds if you’re still hungry after 20 minutes.

Eat slowly, chew thoroughly

An easy way to peel off distractions and focus on your meal is to think about the food.

Savor your food and think about its importance

Research from the American Diabetes Association suggests thinking through a series of questions: What did it take to bring this food to you? Who grew this food? Who cooked it?

Don’t multitask during meals

While eating during work can seem efficient, experts at Harvard Health said it distracts you from understanding how full you are, causing you to overeat and feel uncomfortably full later.

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