Items Priced Lower When Marketed Differently

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Searching for smart savings, an online community of frugal shoppers offered their perspectives on how to save money by buying items with little to no advertising, and their responses can help save you money on your next shopping trip.

Unveiling Smart Savings

Pet medications from a veterinarian’s office are often available at farming supply stores that sell livestock products. Not only is this medication of the same quality or identical to what vets sell, but it’s at a much lower price.

Pet Medications

Depending on their insured status, patients have to pay the whole cost or a copay when prescribed name-brand medications. Even with health coverage, there’s no guarantee the insurance company will cover the cost of the drug, which can run into thousands of dollars.

Generic Medications

Chip clips keep opened bags of potato chips from getting stale too quickly. Some models of chip clips can be inexpensive, but they’re not very durable, and the better-quality ones tend to cost more.

Chip Clips

For some odd reason, men’s plain tee shirts of all colors and sizes sell for far less than tee shirts for women. There’s little to no discernible difference between them regarding their quality. So why do women’s tees cost so much more? It’s cheaper to buy tee shirts for guys.

Tee Shirts

Many special diet foods, such as those marketed as diabetic-friendly, keto, naturally gluten-free, or diet, are often in their own separate store sections and are usually more expensive.

Special Diet Foods

Boats or recreational vehicle (RV) owners know the value of having a well-functioning toilet system. However, there is a substantial difference in the price between two kinds of toilets that serve the same purpose.

Nautical Toilets

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