How To Start Investing: A Guide For Beginners

Ready to learn how to invest?

Whether you are learning how to invest on your own, with a finance professional, you should have a basic understanding of the financial markets and your options.

Know the differences between savings and investing


If you adopt a “pay yourself” savings policy, you may direct a portion of your paycheck to directly deposit into a checking or savings accounts at your bank.


The risk/reward is different depending on where you invest but tend to be higher when you put your money in stocks. That is, the greater the risk, the greater the rewards.

Be aware of risks that affect investor returns.

It comes with the territory of stock investing even if you are fully diversified and do a lot of the work or have hired the best fiduciary to manage your investments.

How to learn more about stock investing

There are many ways new (and experienced) investors can remain aware of the potential risks.

Be patient. Don’t be rash. You will likely make money through investments in the long run. You will lose money along the way but stay rational.

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