How These Cities Live Up to Poor Expectations


Although the United States is home to thousands of exciting cities and towns, not all are created equal. Recently, American citizens of all ages met in an online discussion to reveal spot-on city stereotypes that more visitors should know about.

How These Cities Live Up to Poor Expectations

I’ll never forget having the unenviable mission of traveling from Penn Station to Atlantic City via a Greyhound bus. Fresh off a three-month stay in Europe, I was shocked at how dirty Penn Station was!

1. New York City Is Filthy

Many people think Baltimore is going in the wrong direction, and the abundance of abandoned and worn-out homes throughout the city does nothing to dispel that notion. “There are indeed an alarming number of abandoned, dilapidated rowhomes in Baltimore,” reports one resident.

2. Urban Blight in Baltimore

Any city that revolves around excessive drinking and gambling has a certain sense of sadness hovering over it, and Las Vegas is no exception.

3. Depressing Las Vegas

While many pleasant and clean neighborhoods are scattered throughout the city, more and more areas of San Francisco have an ever-increasing homeless population that presents itself as a problem without a clear solution

4. San Francisco’s Blight

Blame it on the political landscape if you want, but people in Washington, D.C., have a reputation for being completely self-absorbed. One person explains. “When I visit friends in D.C. and meet their friends, all they talk about is work,” laments one man.

5. Pretentiousness in D.C.

Los Angeles is a vain city, and the “Keeping up with the Joneses” attitude shared by many of its residents makes a lot of people completely unbearable to be around!

6. Los Angeles Is Vain

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