12 Surprising Jobs that Pay Well

Who doesn’t want a high-paying job?  You’re spending most of your day working hard away from your family, and  you want to be compensated well for it.

You’ve probably seen the articles with  lists of jobs that pay well. It’s full of doctors, lawyers, and software  engineers, but what if that isn’t in the cards for you?

Whether you’re looking for a new  full-time job that doesn’t require a bachelor’s degree or a high-paying  part-time gig, here are surprising jobs that pay well.

While flight attendants make an  average of $56,650 nationwide, they make even more at Southwest, named  one of the best places to work in the country.

1. Flight Attendant

America’s investment in green energy  jobs, a construction boom, and retiring tradespeople has created a  demand for more electricians than we have.

2. Electrician

If you’ve tried to get a plumber out to  your house recently, you know how in-demand they are. There is a  shockingly high shortage of plumbers in America right now.

3. Plumber

In places like Alaska, New Jersey, and Washington D.C., auto mechanics make an above-average salary.

4. Car Technician

According to US Insurance Agents, the average life insurance agent’s salary is $79,730 a year.

5. Life Insurance Sales

If the idea of sales intrigues you, but  insurance isn’t something you’re interested working in healthcare as a  pharmaceutical or medical sales rep can also be lucrative.

6. Medical Sales Rep

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