Ten Commandments of The Virtues Of Work

We initially wrote this post for Labor Day, we like to celebrate the virtues of work all year round.  In the past year, a lot has been written about how people are increasingly exiting the workplace, in what is being called the Great Resignation.

It is no secret that a high proportion of workers dislike their jobs. However, most of us need to work to earn a living and enjoying what we do is highly desirable.

Ten Commandments: The Virtues of Work

1. Education As A Path To Work

From the earliest days at school, the value of a good education was a means to an end. That is if you earned a college degree, often seemed like the minimum, it was preparation for a good job or career.

2. Skills Enrichment

Throughout your life, you should strive to strengthen your hard and soft skills through your job or on your own.  Hard or technical skills are teachable and quantifiable abilities gained through formal education or on-the-job training.

3. Gives Life Meaning And Fulfillment

Acquiring knowledge through learning opens up many doors toward personal fulfillment. It makes your job that much more enjoyable. Having a positive attitude about learning throughout your life adds a dimension to your life and your character development.

4. Characteristics of Meaningful Work

What makes work meaningful? It is often up to the individual’s personality and what kind of work they enjoy doing. Some people love working with their hands and seeing something tangible, others are rewarded by helping others, and many feel rewarded by making lots of money, affording a luxury lifestyle.

5. Hard Work And Determination

To realize your goals, you need to understand what it is that you hope to achieve. Make sure they are realistic goals. For some, it may be about accumulating a lot of money to buy luxuries and have a comfortable lifestyle or achieving a legacy, or simply having a work/life balance to enjoy work and spend time with family.

Having a job you enjoy is a meaningful part of life. Our work lives are separate from our family. Work gives us another dimension to excel, collaborate with others, and be productive. Many aspects of work have been changing, most for the better though challenges remain, especially for women and minorities.