10 Money Lessons   From Martin Luther King’s Words

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. left us with a rich legacy in his shortened life. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to him. The struggle to attain racial equality through King’s civil rights movement is well known.

10 Money Lessons From Martin Luther King Jr.’s Words:

1. The Importance of Education Pursuing education remains a great equalizer in society. However, it hasn’t always been available on a fair basis for all races.

2. “False God of Money”

In July 1953, assisting his father, Dr. King spoke on Atlanta’s first black-owned radio station. “False Gods We Worship” series on science, nationalism, and money. He feared money worship would lead to exploitation for economic ends, selfishness, cheating, and moral degradation.

3. “Drum Major Instinct” And Our Need For Importance And Recognition Instead of pursuing materialistic possessions, go after better ideals like the civil rights movement and economic justice.

4. Keep Moving Forward

“If you can’t fly, then run, if you can’t run, then walk, if you can’t walk, then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” He encouraged young men and women to keep moving forward, make achievable goals, and persevere in the fight against injustices. Dr. King warned against materialism, which focuses on “profit-making and profit-gettings aspects of capitalism.”

5. Achieving Excellence

“Set out to do a good job and do that job so well that the living, the dead and unborn couldn’t do it any better.”

6. “A Freedom Budget For All Americans”

This manifesto was a step-by-step plan to wipe out poverty within ten years. Its goals were to provide better schools, homes, clean air, jobs, and guaranteed income through a $200 increase in federal income taxes ($1,587.70 in 2020 dollars) on the wealthy.

7. “Where Do We Go From Here?- Guaranteed Income For All

He wanted to combine the best parts of capitalism and communism to create an equal ground for those in need with guaranteed incomes.

8. Leadership

Few leaders have impacted others as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had. He taught others to be purposeful, be educators and leaders, works with others to get things done, and promote justice. We are better for what he stood for and what we could have been as a nation had he lived a full life in years.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. has provided us with a rich legacy. He has inspired us with his conviction for racial and economic equality.

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