10 unconventional perks companies are offering remote workers

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of employees working remotely has increased across the U.S. According to Ladders, only 4% of jobs with North America’s largest employers were remote before the pandemic.

The 2021 Business Response Survey conducted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics showed similar findings: Approximately 1 in 3 employers increased remote work during the pandemic.

Firmspace compiled a list of these unconventional perks, focusing on those benefiting remote workers. Keep reading to learn ten ways employers are compensating remote employees.

Home office setup

According to the 2020 Owl Labs State of Remote Work Report, only 20% to 25% of employers pay for home office essentials. Whether monthly, annually or a one-time amount, a stipend to establish a functional workspace is a definite perk for remote workers.

Experiential benefits are an especially good fit for remote workers, as they offer in-home options that are convenient for those already working from home and adventures near and far for those seeking to see somewhere new.

Fun experiences

Some employers also choose to offer online courses that are not job-related but instead focus on areas of personal interest. For example, Masterclass has a variety of online classes that employers can offer as perks.

Online classes

Some employers offer on-site child care, but since remote workers can’t access such programs, employers may offer a stipend to help offset or cover child care costs instead.

Child care benefits

Subscription benefits

To strengthen company culture and job satisfaction, employers look for ways to keep employees engaged from a distance. Fun perks that are not directly work-related, like subscription benefits, are one way to do just that.

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