The 11 Seasonal Jobs To Apply For This Holiday Season

Sometimes you need a little more money. When your regular job isn’t covering what you need, you turn to other opportunities. This is especially true if it’s the holiday season and you want to stay out of debt but still spend money.

Whether you take on a traditional side job, start your own gig, or use one of the many ways to prove that success is the best revenge, we’ve got you covered!

If you’re looking for a job during the holidays or busy summer months, remember so will thousands of others.

Start Your Search Early

Be Professional

Even though it’s a seasonal job, you’re still representing the company you may work for. Show up to the interview on time and dressed professionally. Even if your interview is via Zoom, act as if it’s in person.

Know Your Limits

Before you interview, know what you want out of a job. This includes the salary, benefits (if applicable), and what position you want.

The 11 Best Seasonal Jobs

Large and small stores increase their staff around the holidays. If you love working with people, apply at your favorite stores around the holidays.

1. Retail Associate

If you’d rather work from home, consider working as a customer service representative. Large and small companies need people to answer phones and emails or be on the other side of an ‘online chat.’

2. Customer Service Representative

If you’d rather be on the other end of purchases, work as a warehouse employee filling orders. With the increase in e-commerce today, many companies need to order fillers and shippers

3. Warehouse Employee

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