The Benefits Of Online Learning

In little over one week, the coronavirus and the need for social distancing marshalled US colleges and universities to adapt online learning for their students. Face-to-face classes were cancelled for the rest of the semester.

Some of my classes were already partially online but I am no technocrat. In fact, I usually drag my feet when it comes to emerging technologies of any kind.

I have more resolve to support my community college students. Students and faculty are all in this together. I want to play my part to help my students.


Faculty and students had no choice but to move their classes to an online learning environment. That is not optimum for anyone.

One fear I had before moving classes online was the potential lack of interactivity. That has not yet materialized. Classes are fully attended and scheduled for the same time as previously.

Great Forum For Interactivity, Especially Quiet Students

Even before our move to fully online classes, I was aware that students were worried about their abilities to stay on top of my partially online classes.

The Need To Be Self-Disciplined

Our virtual classroom can accommodate many of the features I use in the classroom. I use power points and the whiteboard interchangeably.

Technology Is Helping To Mirror Traditional Classroom And More

Tailor-Made To Modify Courses

Integrating course materials with relevant current events always enlivens lectures, especially my finance classes.

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