The Best 6 Tips To Cultivate Saving and Investing Addiction

Let’s face it: We all enjoy spending money on things we want and, sometimes, even on what we don’t need. But as they say, too much of something can harm you. We want to keep money in our accounts to make better financial decisions.

According to users on a popular online forum, these tips will help you cultivate a saving and investing addiction.

A financial analyst said, “When you see where your money goes, it’s easy to account for the things you purchase and know that you have to leave some money back in your account.” A second user commented, “Budgeting is the kind of decision that goes a long way.”

1. Have a Budget

On a popular online discussion forum, a user said that what saved her from a savings and investing addiction was getting a separate savings account that didn’t link back to her bank so she couldn’t make any impulsive purchases.

2. Get a Separate Yields Savings Account, and Don’t Link Your Bank Account to It

A user shared that they would overspend easily when their credit card was unlimited. But once he put a cap to it, he knew he wouldn’t be able to go off a specified amount, and this suit dramatically disciplined his spending and investing habits.

3. Have a Credit Card Limit

I can attest to this one! When my bank account was linked online, I didn’t have to do much other than press a button and have a withdrawal from my bank account in seconds.

4. Forget About Online Banking

As you’ll have a percentage of your paycheck going into a credit union account, you’ll guarantee your savings. As most credit unions operate on quarterly annual payouts, you won’t have the luxury of withdrawing and spending money whenever you want.

5. Consider a Credit Union

Most importantly, an emergency fund will keep your stress levels down as you’ll take comfort in knowing that you always have money stashed away for a rainy day.

6. Create an Emergency Fund

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