The Best Crafts To Make and Sell

If you are a crafter, you’d love to get paid for doing what you do. There are about 7.5 million sellers on Etsy.

Many of them are crafters selling things they love making. You can thrive on Etsy too.

To get started, here is a list of the best craft items to make and sell.

Well-made bags are always in demand. Making bags involves some basic sewing techniques and heavy and intense sewing.


At one point, we had around 20+ soft  toys in our house. Some were gifted, others my kids bought themselves,  and others they inherited from cousins.

Soft Toys

Plain bedsheets are getting boring, but applique-embellished personalized bedsheets with beautiful embroidery are in demand.

Embroidered Bed Sheets

Bath bombs are addictive. They are mood elevators and hey, don’t we all need things to relax in this stressful world? Bath bombs do that very sweetly.

Bath Bombs

Christmas-related crafts can make the perfect seasonal product, but don’t stop once you hit January.

Christmas Decorations

Kids love arts and crafts kits. They will cherish them and use them to build their imagination and creativity.

Art and Craft Activity Kits

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