20 Alternatives to College for Teens to Consider

Colleges focus on academics and test scores. However, there is a vast world and opportunities for young people to explore outside of a traditional college degree.

Many people choose to pursue alternatives to college to get their careers started. Before you enroll in higher education, consider these options.

Sometimes the best way to get into an industry is to find a mentor. Mentors are people that have been in the career field for a while and have plenty to learn from.

1. Find a Mentor

2. Embrace Alternative Education

College is one of many ways to learn a subject. You could, of course, choose a self-study route. You can become quite proficient by reading books and learning online about a subject.

Online courses also can teach you what you need to know about a specific subject.

There are many study-abroad opportunities. In some instances, tuition is free and paid for by the respective governments.

3. Study Abroad

While not a direct career path, spending some time traveling after high school can help expand your worldview and help you focus on what direction you want to take.

4. Travel

5. Start a Business

You could go straight into business. When you think of starting a business, your mind might think about tech companies with ideas that will disrupt an industry or change the way we approach life altogether.

Youtubers can make money from views of their videos, getting paid directly by Youtube and through sponsorships

6. Start a YouTube Channel

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