All About The Personal Financial Statement

By keeping tabs on your finances, you can create a secure and fulfilling future. That’s where a personal financial statement comes in.

At its core, a personal financial statement offers an overview of where you stand financially at any point in time. It can help you succeed in various aspects of your life.

Why You Need a Personal Financial Statement

There are several reasons you may want to create a personal financial statement. It can help you if you’d like to: 1. Take out a loan. 2. Apply for financial aid. 3. Make a guarantee.

The three major components of your personal financial statement are as follows: 1. Balance Sheet 2. Income Statement 3. Cash Flow Statement

What’s Included in a Personal Financial Statement

Let’s discuss what they should exclude: 1. Any business-related assets or liabilities. 2. Your personal financial statements mustn’t include anything you rent or personal belongings like household goods or furniture.

What to Exclude From a Personal Financial Statement

Your net worth is essentially the value of your assets over your liabilities. You can have plenty of assets and have plenty of liabilities, meaning you don’t have a high net worth.

Ways to Increase Your Net Worth

So what is the ideal net worth? It depends on your age, unique lifestyle, and comfort level. There is no hard and fast number that everyone agrees with.

There are a variety of ways you can achieve a positive or higher figure. Here are several suggestions: 1. Cut Expenses 2. Look for New Income Sources 3. Buy a House 4, Build an Emergency Fund 5. Invest

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