The Ultimate Guide to Getting a Raise

Are you being underpaid and want to make more money? The quickest way to a better salary is to ask for a raise. But asking for a pay increase involves way more than just a question.

You’ll need to show your boss your worth to the company and how they would benefit from giving you a raise. Want to know how to ask for a raise the right way that’ll lead to an increase in salary? The ultimate guide below will help you get that bigger salary you deserve.

Now that you’ve done your research and practiced what you’re going to say, it’s time to sit down with your boss. Asking for a raise might sound anxiety-inducing, but following the formula below will ease your stress.

How to Ask Your Boss for a Raise


Ensure you have adequate time to speak to your boss to avoid a rushed conversation. If possible, set up a time to talk with your boss.

Asking your boss for a raise is like a sales pitch. However, instead of pitching a product, you are pitching yourself and what you bring to the company. Just like a sales pitch, you will want to go over all the benefits you bring to the table.

Raise Pitch

Wage negotiations may initially sound intimidating, but these tips will help you become a master negotiator. Know your salary requirements beforehand. You could also negotiate for stock options, more vacation time, or other perks. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a salary increase.

Salary Negotiation Tactics

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