These Are 6 Worst Movie Picks Voted By Avid Film Fans

What was the worst movie you saw in theatres? To this day, I know that I was excited about seeing a film and so disappointed by it that I walked out mid-way through. But I can’t remember what movie it was.

Nonetheless, according to an online forum, here are ten movie fan-voted picks for worst theater films.

Battlefield Earth was the worst movie I’ve seen in years,” shared one. “The preview made the plot out to be a turning point in cinema, but it was an absolute failure.”

1. Battlefield Earth (2000)

Someone volunteered, “I was so excited to see this movie as I am an avid theatre buff, but the costumes and the set design almost ruined the musical. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to even talk about the original musical until this past month.”

2. Cats (2019)

Eragon seemed like it was going to be such a great movie,” one confessed. “I have been a fan of the book series since it came out, so I was understandably excited seeing the previews for the film.

3. Eragon (2006)

Avatar: The Last Airbender may have been the biggest letdown I have experienced since my love for film grew,” suggested one. “I expected to see gorgeous CGI for the elemental bending and exciting lighting effects during the battles.

4. Avatar: The Last Airbender (2010)

The Fantastic Four was a significant movie failure. The CGI effects in this movie were incredibly underdeveloped and underfunded. The scenes looked rushed.

5. The Fantastic Four (1994)

“To my dismay, it kept their focus in the movie theatre for at most ten minutes! The animation style seems decent at the beginning, but most of it looks like it was drawn by a five-year-old. In addition, the plot doesn’t make sense for most of the movie.”

6. The Emoji Movie (2017)

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