Timeshare Purchases: How to Get the Best Bang For Your Buck

This article, by a timeshare owner for other potential owners, will help you make a purchase that’s a great value for money.

Timeshares are partial vacation ownerships of condo-like units in resort developments. They are owned, operated, and maintained by independent resorts, small chains, and large timeshare companies

Buying a timeshare is not the type of real estate decision to make on a whim, three margaritas deep, while on vacation.

When buying timeshares, the path to a savvy purchase starts by getting a timeshare resale from an existing owner looking for a timeshare exit.

To make matters more complicated, timeshare companies now offer a wide range of timeshare products (fixed week, points system, fractional ownership, deeded ownership, etc.) to meet people’s various vacation preferences.

One of the most exciting things about owning a timeshare is that you can trade for other timeshare vacations at 4,000+ affiliated resorts across 100+ countries via timeshare exchange companies.

Where Can you Find Timeshare Resales? One of the best places to find timeshare resale listings is TUG’s owner-to-owner marketplace.

What is the Best Place to Buy a Timeshare: RCI Points Program Depending on what resort, and type of timeshare you bought, you might join the RCI Points program.

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