Timeshare Purchases: How to Get the Best Bang For Your Buck

If you’re thinking to yourself, “What is a Timeshare Exactly?!?” Timeshares are partial vacation ownerships of condo-like units in resort developments.

They are owned, operated, and maintained by independent resorts, small chains, and large timeshare companies like Hilton Grand Vacations Club, Club Wyndham, Marriott Vacation Club, and Disney.

Buying a timeshare is not the type of real estate decision to make on a whim, three margaritas deep, while on vacation.

Value for Money Starts in the Timeshare Resale Market Meaning, if you buy a vacation property directly from a timeshare resort, you’ll be paying much more than its market value.

The timeshare industry does not have an easy way to evaluate timeshares strictly based on value like the dollar per square foot metric when you’re looking to purchase real estate.

To make matters more complicated, timeshare companies now offer a wide range of timeshare products to meet people’s various vacation preferences.

When looking for a timeshare resale deal, a veteran of the RCI points program shared, “A good rule of thumb would be to aim for 100 RCI points per dollar of maintenance fee (MF).”

Hawaii has always been a costly place to vacation, but staying in timeshares vs. hotels makes it much more accessible. The average Hawaii hotel room rate is $330 a night.

Many timeshare exchange companies offer bonus weeks to sweeten the pot if you deposit your Hawaii timeshare week with them.

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