15 Tips Every College Grad Should Know

For many students, you may be the first in your family to achieve this wonderful milestone of graduating from college. I remember my own parents’ beaming faces when I crossed over to where they could not go.

Now, I hope you get your chance to hear countless words of guidance and inspiration, some worthy and some worthless, to direct you to your path of success.

This advice is not only for my children, my student grads, but also to my younger self in that I wish I had listened to.

#1 Embrace Lifelong Learning

Reading and learning will make you sound interesting to be around. I traveled a lot for my job with salespeople, bankers, and company management.

I also enjoyed being able to talk to everyone about new topics or learn something I didn’t know before, and vice-versa. It made long distance trips and time away from home more fun.

Our phones are disrupting us from being in the present moment. Put down your phones and take time to simply reflect and be curious.

#2 Take Time To Reflect

Not all of our notifications are worth a look at our phone. We all are looking too much at the tops of people’s heads at the dinner table at home, in the restaurant, at work, in the classroom.

#3 Cultivate Social Skills and Networking

Always be ready to make a good first impression. It may matter greatly who you are being introduced to.

Be respectful, a good listener and ready to learn. It doesn’t mean you have to agree with everything you are being told. Know that you are the “newbie” in the circle and being quietly assessed.

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