Tips to Have a Beautiful Wedding Way Below the Average Wedding Cost

Weddings are a time filled with joy but also have become synonymous with spending a lot of money. Many newly engaged couples experience sticker shock at the cost of wedding-related goods and services.

From buying an engagement ring, selecting a wedding cake, wedding favors, or even a wedding dress– it’s common for the expense of having a traditional wedding to come as a surprise to first-time wedding planning couples.

It’s important to be armed with some knowledge of what to expect regarding what a wedding costs before you embark on your planning process.

What Factors Make Up the Cost of a Wedding?

There are a host of factors that play into the overall cost of a wedding. There are averages to consider (and toss aside). The location where your wedding takes place accounts for several factors, such as the average cost of living where your wedding professionals reside.

What is the Average Cost of a Wedding?

Sharing the average cost of a wedding can be a dangerous subject to tackle because averages are a bit problematic. They can be important to touch on because averages can provide somewhat of a baseline of potential costs.

Take Averages with a Grain of Salt

The averages reported by The Knot are important, but they don’t tell the whole story. Keep in mind, for an average to be reported, there must be people and residents of specific states spending more than the average and less than the average.

Planning a Wedding on a Smaller Budget is Possible

In addition, an average does not mean that spending less is impossible. In fact, spending less is 100% possible! The average wedding cost for the real weddings featured on is $10,000-$15,000 under the 2020 average from The Knot and less than half the price listed in the 2019 reports.

Why Do Wedding Professionals Charge So Much?

A wedding professional is an entrepreneur, and they are considering the same things as someone in a corporate role. They are also factoring in the costs of self-employment (taxes; funding benefits, life insurance, and retirement plans, on their own). Like other careers, the more experience and ability a wedding professional has, the more they will charge.

If that expectation is there, there is also an added cost. Extensive expertise and experience make that individual’s time, talents, and energy worth more per hour. Hiring an experienced pro will come at a higher cost than a newbie, and most of the time, the results will also be commensurate with the cost.

There are plenty of articles explaining what you “can” and “should” do for your wedding day. But, make sure to stop and consider what you want to do. Then, choose to remember that averages are simply suggestions and that hiring professional help comes at a cost.

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