Tips to Have a Beautiful Wedding Way Below the Average Wedding Cost

Weddings are a time filled with joy but also have become synonymous with spending a lot of money.

Many newly engaged couples experience sticker shock at the cost of wedding-related goods and services.

It’s important to be armed with some knowledge of what to expect  regarding what a wedding costs before you embark on your planning  process.

There are a host of factors that play into the overall cost of a wedding. There are averages to consider (and toss aside).

What Factors Make Up the Cost of a Wedding?

Sharing the average cost of a wedding can be a dangerous subject to tackle because averages are a bit problematic.

What is the Average Cost of a Wedding?

The averages reported by The Knot are important, but they don’t tell the whole story.

Take Averages with a Grain of Salt

In addition, an average does not mean that spending less is impossible. In fact, spending less is 100% possible!

Planning a Wedding on a Smaller Budget is Possible

Understanding the average wedding cost and putting it in context also  requires understanding how certain wedding expenses are priced.

Why Do Wedding Professionals Charge So Much?

A wedding might be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. As a result, couples expect near perfection from wedding professionals.

Wedding Experience and Expertise Come at a Cost

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