Top 10 Industries People Hope Won’t Exist in Ten Years

It’s honestly infuriating that it passes as legal when it’s a pyramid scheme that gets off on a technicality. After asking the internet for their opinions, these are the top-voted industries.

1. Concert Ticket Mafia The number-one-voted response is the “Concert Ticket Mafia,” a name someone affectionately referred to Ticketmaster, StubHub, and Live Nation without hesitation.

2. Cold-Calling Jobs Okay, let’s face it, NOBODY likes being cold-called, and as someone who has done the cold-calling (Thanks T-Mobile), trust me when I say nobody wants to do the job either. Someone joked, “I’ve been trying to reach you about your car’s extended warranty.”


3. Telemarketers After everyone agreed that telemarketers suck, one shared that they use Tasker to auto-drop any call from a number that isn’t in their contacts. However, one user noted that he receives these calls from spoof numbers, so it looks like your loved one is calling.

4. Mommy and Family Vloggers The podcast discussed a woman (Myka Stauffer) who adopted an autistic Chinese baby (Huxley) and ended up being “too difficult.” Hence, she “rehomed” him when he was only three. That was even the language she used.

MLMs/Pyramid Schemes

Hey, great minds think alike! I couldn’t agree more with the Reddit community about this one. Sadly, most decided these industries aren’t going anywhere (see Tupperware and Avon).

5. The Troubled Teen Industry Many people in the thread agreed that the Troubled Teen Industry is abusing minors for profit. “Abusing minors for money shouldn’t be an industry.” Sadly, several people who had been sent to (kidnapped) these places shared that verbal abuse and grooming were going on. Many had class action lawsuits filed against them.

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