Top 10 Industries People Hope Won’t Exist in Ten Years

What industry do you hope won’t exist in 10 years? I’ll go first and say MLMs.

I cannot stand the “boss babe” culture and predatory methods these scams use to prey on stay-at-home mothers.

It’s honestly infuriating that it passes as legal when it’s a pyramid  scheme that gets off on a technicality. After asking the internet for  their opinions, these are the top-voted industries.

The number-one-voted response is the “Concert Ticket Mafia,” a name  someone affectionately referred to Ticketmaster, StubHub, and Live  Nation without hesitation.

Concert Ticket Mafia

Okay, let’s face it, NOBODY likes being cold-called, and as someone who  has done the cold-calling (Thanks T-Mobile), trust me when I say nobody  wants to do the job either.

Cold-Calling Jobs

After everyone agreed that  telemarketers suck, one shared that they use Tasker to auto-drop any  call from a number that isn’t in their contacts.


One Redditor suggested that Family and Mommy Vloggers are “sinister” before sharing seven episodes (56-62) of the podcast Some Place Under Neith.

Mommy and Family Vloggers

Many people in the thread agreed that the Troubled Teen Industry is  abusing minors for profit. “Abusing minors for money shouldn’t be an  industry.”

The Troubled Teen Industry

Sadly, most decided these industries aren’t going anywhere (see Tupperware and Avon).

MLMs/Pyramid Schemes

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