Top 10 Instances of the Cheaper Version Being Shockingly Great

Dollar stores have a bad reputation for selling low-quality products and attracting low-quality people. However, those in the know have discovered that dollar stores can be a treasure trove of unexpected delights that people at any income level can enjoy.

Top 10 Instances of the Cheaper Version

The Sweet, Sweet World of Off-Brand Cookies One person raved about their love for Kroger Kaleidoscope cookies. Most people echoed this point by mentioning their love for off-brand Oreo-style cookies. Of course, some differences in texture, consistency, and flavor are likely to exist, but they are NEVER bad.

Beauty on a Budget It’s not just food that can be found at your local dollar store – personal care items are also a popular purchase. One unexpected gem is the Trader Joe’s Shea Butter & Coconut Oil Hair Mask, which one user swears works wonders for their thick, wavy hair.

Cheap Relief While it’s always important to check the ingredients and dosages before purchasing any medication, users discovered that the cheap and expensive variants often share the same exact ingredients for something as simple as cold relief meds.

Comfort for Your Feet and Your Wallet I can already imagine many people giving an eye roll at this one. Still, those premium-quality shoes are not as good as advertised. One person with arthritis recounted their experience with high-quality shoes; it turns out they were horrible for their feet. A pair of $35 Walmart slippers was far better.

Don’t Break the Bank on Batteries Here’s a relatively simple product that you definitely don’t want to overspend on. According to one person, Dollar Tree batteries do the job. On top of that, someone advised going for lithium or alkaline ones as long-lasting options.

Clean Like a Pro Cleaning supplies are just about the same anywhere. Folks recommended glass cleaners, sponges, hand towels, brooms, and much more. One person loved the LA Awesome Cleaner from Dollar Tree to clean up that messy microwave.

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