Top 10 Instances of the Cheaper Version Being Shockingly Great

Dollar stores have a bad reputation for selling low-quality products and attracting low-quality people.

However, those in the know have discovered that dollar stores can be a treasure trove of unexpected delights that people at any income level can enjoy.

Beauty on a Budget

It’s not just food that can be found at your local dollar store – personal care items are also a popular purchase.

Cheap Relief

For those with allergies or sinus  issues, the dollar-store nasal spray can be just as effective as a fancy  brand for a fraction of the price.

Don’t Break the Bank on Batteries

Here’s a relatively simple product that  you definitely don’t want to overspend on. According to one person, Dollar Tree batteries do the job.

Clean Like a Pro

Cleaning supplies are just about the same anywhere. Folks recommended glass cleaners, sponges, hand towels,  brooms, and much more.

TVs for Less

Someone recounted their most surprising purchase yet was a $200 Hisense TV they bought on sale.

Baby Bottoms Deserve the Best

One parent commented about diapers from Dollar General. With sales and coupons, you get immense value and can  help save up hundreds of dollars.

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