Top 10 Most Toxic Fandoms On The Internet

Suppose you’ve just finished a TV series  or a book. You want to let it rest, but you’re a curious cat. So you  lift the internet’s veil to get at the cream.

You glimpse mountains of shiny fan art,  fanfiction, theories, predictions, and God only knows what else, but  there’s a catch if you want to see all of it.

True Crime

One of the most significant complaints  viewers put forth about true crime fans is their belief in an uncanny  ability to solve crime before law enforcement does.

Sports Fans

Passionately supporting a team or keeping tabs on a sport makes sense, and there’s nothing like the tension during a big match.

K-Pop Stans

They’re not the best at handling criticism for their idols and aren’t the nicest on social media.

Rick And Morty

One thing the online community agrees on is that the fanbase ruined the show for new people.

The Legend of Korra fans

According to commentators online, most of the fanbase conjures up too many headcanons in response to any critique of the story.

The Heartstopper Fandom

The much beloved graphic novels came to  Netflix in a sweet, cozy adaptation, but the warm, fuzzy feeling of  watching people on screen be in love didn’t last too long.

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