Top 10 Things Kids Need More of Today, Say Boomers

What did your generation have that kids need more of today? I’ll go first, playing outside!

My favorite thing was grabbing my bike and riding with my best friend all over town. I never see that happening anywhere.

After someone asked an online community what kids need more of today, these were the best responses.

1. Privacy With all the social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, etc., it’s hard not to see updates on everyone’s kids. Some argue that you are invading the children’s privacy.

They do not consent to have their pictures plastered forever on the internet. One parent says, “From the moment they’re all born, their pics, good, bad, and embarrassing moments are on social media. It’s insane to me.”

2. Less Influence from People They Don’t Know The internet is fantastic, with information a click away, but not all this information is accurate. For example, even on medical websites, you can enter your symptoms and then be scared that you have cancer when you could have indigestion.

One states, “I’m pretty sure some kids nowadays don’t develop their personality, style, or type. Instead, they start mimicking and copying others, whether YouTube or influencers, and lose their uniqueness.

They start buying the same clothes and phones and want to get the same job and hobbies even though they aren’t interested in any of those things. So they start following what’s popular or what they’d like to be.”

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