Top 5 Things Kids Need to Do More of Today

What did your generation have that kids need more of today? I’ll go first, playing outside! My favorite thing was grabbing my bike and riding with my best friend all over town. I never see that happening anywhere.

After someone asked an online community what kids need more of today, these were the best responses.

Things Kids Need to Do More of Today

1. Privacy With all the social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, etc., it’s hard not to see updates on everyone’s kids. Some argue that you are invading the children’s privacy.

2. Less Influence from People They Don’t Know The internet is fantastic, with information a click away, but not all this information is accurate or safe. For example, even on medical websites, you can enter your symptoms and then be scared that you have cancer when you could have indigestion.

3. Playing Outdoors Great minds think alike! We reminisce about the days we played outside. A group of kids in the neighborhood, age didn’t matter. We played unsupervised until our parents called us in or until the street lights came on.

4. Freedom Now when a child does something embarrassing, they fear it being broadcast on the internet for all to see. As a result, kids don’t have the same freedom to be silly, goofy, and dumb and learn from their mistakes.

5. Imagination Kids these days have no tolerance for boredom. Trying to tell a child to let their mind wander and allow thoughts to flow will make them bored. The constant stimulation from video games, videos, and apps has made them not appreciate alone time with their ideas.

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