11 Jobs People Voted as the Most Depressing Ever

Many depressing jobs are designed to help people in need, while others are soul-sucking for the employee.

One user on a popular internet forum wondered what others believed  to be the most stressful or depressing jobs. Here are the top responses.

Children’s Oncologists

Some shared stories of family members who worked in pediatric oncology  and noted that they rarely asked how their day went out of fear.

Internet Moderators

Social media websites all have moderators who scour the sites for  breaches of the rules. This can be anything from online bullying to  discovering videos of graphic child abuse.

FBI Crimes Against Children Agents

A whole section of the FBI is dedicated to catching pedophiles and child abusers.

Memory Care Nurses

Nurses, in general, have a rough go of things. They work endless hours  caring for sick and injured patients, cleaning up messes, and being  exceptionally underpaid.

Crime Scene Cleanup Technicians

I can imagine cleaning up bloodstains and broken glass day in and day out could take a toll on someone.

Counselors at Domestic Violence Shelters

While becoming a counselor at a domestic violence shelter can be one of  the most rewarding careers, it can also be taxing and emotional.

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