21 Reasons Why Reading Is Important And Powerful

For as long as I can remember,  reading has been my passion. I grew up in a home of readers who loved  talking about books and sharing authors that worked for us.

Reading books ignites my enthusiasm for  life itself. For years, I shared my book reviews on Goodreads, Facebook,  with my friends, and my family.

Here, I want to share the top reasons why reading is important and powerful for your success. I saved the best for last!

1. Provides An Opportunity To Learn

It doesn’t matter what you read; you’ll absorb something that will impart knowledge.

When our kids were toddlers, or even  earlier, Craig and I enjoyed reading books out loud to them when they  were wide awake or to get them to go to sleep.

2. Reading Books Out Loud To My Kids

By reading, we expose ourselves to many different personalities, situations, and cultures when we read.

3. Have More Empathy

As a reader, it becomes clear how much we don’t know no matter how many books we read.

4. Reading Teaches Us To Be Humble

Reading expands our view of places and cultures around the world and historical times.

5. Discover Places Around The World

As Craig and I have never willingly  passed a book store or used bookrack, we often had multiple copies of  books we would find time to read in the future.

6. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

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