Letter To My Son: 18 Ways To Do Better When Going To College

College is a significant time of personal growth, milestones, and achievement. It’s been challenging recently to offer you any advice, especially about going to college.

Here are 18 Ways To Do Better When Going To College. Keep on reading!

You should consider emailing your professors before classes start to ask questions, like is there some reading you can do ahead of time?

Make The Most of The Orientation Before Classes Start

Your space will be far smaller, and you will share it with a roommate who may not appreciate your interior design skills.

Clean Your Room

Plan to set the alarm more than five minutes before class, or set it, but don’t let it goes off every five minutes.

Set Your Alarm (And Wake Up!)

College is a beautiful education and life experience and too expensive to waste. Besides being on time, please attend class regularly, and be there in body and mind.

Attend Class Regularly And Study

Handwritten notes are often more accurate, boost brain activity, and optimize memory

Handwrite Your Class Notes

Make sure you manage your time by planning, reviewing dates that things are due, setting small goals, and moving through them course by course.

Time Management Will Be Your Friend

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