6 Ways Tourists Challenge the Notion of Travel


Do you hope to see the most Instagrammed destinations, do you wish to visit attractions that cater to your needs, or do you expect never to travel and remain in your home state?

A recent article came out questioning the difference between traveling and tourism. A recent post asked a group of nomads how they feel about the article and today’s travel atmosphere.

One nomad claims that this generation does not travel how boomers used to, with a checklist and a set itinerary, noting each attraction in waning importance. Instead, millennials and Gen Zers travel according to their wants and needs.

1. No Checklist

“Lots of inexperienced travelers (nomads, backpackers, vacationers, etc.) fall into the same trap, thinking that they have to do everything or else they’re missing out. You’re always going to miss out on 99% of things because there are simply way too many possibilities in life, and that’s fine.

2. Must Do Everything

Jumping off the previous point, travelers should spend time experiencing museums, attractions, and landmarks that they enjoy. If you despise art, why would you visit an art museum?

3. Do What You Enjoy

Living in the vibrant moment of traveling worldwide is lost by taking a selfie. Indulging in the pure adrenaline-fueled live music is disrupted by blue light screens shoved into the open air. Take a moment to travel without your phone.

4. Take a Picture, Not a Snapshot

Take your time in new settings. In Iceland, my family wanted to visit the Blue Lagoon, a restaurant serving dishes only made with mushrooms, Vik, and black sand beaches, yet we didn’t want to rush anything.

5. Move Too Quickly

A heavy discourse flows through the nomad and traveler community today about visiting touristy spots and avoiding touristy spots.

6. Should You Avoid Tourist Spots

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