Traveler’s Beware: The 6 Most Touristy Cities as Voted by Adventurers

Experienced travelers know there are two types of cities: Memorable towns that are always worth visiting and places that are nothing more than tourist traps! Sometimes, it’s just as important to know the places in the world to avoid as it is to know which places to visit.

Recently, frequent adventurers met in an online discussion to reveal the most touristy cities in the world.

“Freeport, along with Nassau, is where cruise ships are constantly coming and going, and the local economy has developed to capture as much of the passengers’ money as possible in the short time they’re there,” laments one frequent traveler.

1. Freeport, Bahamas

It doesn’t matter how much fun you have (or how much money you win) in Las Vegas; one inalienable truth remains: The city is designed to use you and spit you out. Many people believe Las Vegas to be the most stereotypical of all tourist trap destinations.

2. Las Vegas, Nevada

Countless places in Hawaii offer extraordinary experiences and flawless hospitality, like Kauai and Maui. Unfortunately, thanks to hosting the largest airport in the area, Honolulu has become packed with millions of visitors each year, and the city rolls out the red carpet for each of them!

3. Honolulu, Hawaii

There are countless memorable spots in Bali, but some parts of Indonesia cater to the tourist crowd. Kuta is a prime example of a place that is deliberately Instagrammable in the most pretentious way.

4. Kuta, Indonesia

Surprisingly, a handful of people believe Amsterdam has too many touristy qualities. “As lovely as this city is and as much as I had fun there, there are better places to see in the Netherlands,” admits one man.

5. Amsterdam, Netherlands

I’m sure I’m not the first person to tell you that Hollywood is a perfect example of an entirely overrated tourist city. From the dilapidated buildings to the unsafe streets to the general smell of the area, Hollywood is not worth anyone’s time in 2023.

6. Hollywood, California

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