Bucking the Trend: 6 Unconventional Views from Travelers

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Recently, experienced travelers met in an online discussion to reveal their uncommon views and beliefs that, against all odds, are slowly gaining steam among like-minded people.

Unconventional Views from Travelers 

Bizarrely, a stigma is attached to enjoying being a tourist in an unfamiliar city. According to many people, waiting in line to see any historical monument throughout Europe wastes time.

It’s Okay To Do Touristy Things

Although most of Europe is categorized as a place where Americans don’t need to tip like they do stateside, it’s always good manners to tip when visiting new cities (if you can afford it).

Tip Service Staff if You Can

In addition to being a great way to make friends in an unfamiliar city, they can also be a lot of fun! “Group tours can be great; sometimes I like having a local guide explain to me the significance of a historical site or a place I’m visiting

Group Tours Can Be Great

An ever-growing number of adventurous men and women prefer staying in hotels instead of Airbnbs. It’s not 2013 anymore; Airbnbs don’t have the value they once did. “A couple of years ago, Airbnbs were cheap and creative options to experience different places,” laments one woman.

Airbnbs Are Overrated

Countless travelers are tired of pretentious people saying you need at least “X” amount of time to appreciate a country, city, or general destination.

It’s Not About the Length of Time You Stay Somewhere

 Whether you’re flying Southwest and enjoying open seating or have a ticketed seat with another airline, standing up and crowding the gate area makes no sense.

Stop Rushing to Your Departure Gate

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