Underrated Cities Worldwide Off the Tourist Trail

underrated tourist attraction

There are a handful of must-visit cities worldwide that every traveler becomes aware of at an early age. Places like London, Paris, Tokyo, and Rome exist as historical destinations and tourist traps in their own right.

Underrated Tourist Attraction

Sometimes, the best cities are the ones you had no original expectations for. Romania is filled with countless gorgeous towns, but one stands head and shoulders above the rest: Brasov. “Romania was the most wonderful surprise for me,” confesses one woman.

1. Brasov, Romania

Although London gets all the attention in the United Kingdom, tourists and residents know the truth: Manchester is seriously underappreciated! In the eyes of many Brits, Manchester is a more authentically British experience.

2. Manchester, England

Like Manchester, Osaka exists in the shadow of its cooler, more famous older brother, Tokyo. However, many travelers prefer the less hectic feel Osaka enjoys while still offering up a healthy portion of authentic Japanese culture.

3. Osaka, Japan

Believe it or not, Detroit has worked hard in recent years to shed its image as one of America’s most wretched cities to visit! Thanks to an impressive urban revitalization program, Detroit has dedicated itself to transforming into a destination for any traveler.

4. Detroit, Michigan

Slovenia’s capital city is known for its impressive parks, green spaces, and world-class museums. Thanks to its burgeoning reputation, Ljubljana appeared on more people’s must-visit lists in recent years.

5. Ljubljana, Slovenia

Many believe you only need two things to enjoy a city: Memorable views and even more unforgettable people! A recent trip to Poland caused one traveler to fall in love with Gdansk. “I love Gdansk, specifically the Old Town, which looked straight out of a movie set,”

6. Gdansk, Poland

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